Picture Book

Clifford's Manners

Bridwell, Norman

Clifford the big red dog offers some advice on basic good manners.

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Picture Book

Gingerbread Baby

Brett, Jan

A young boy and his mother bake a gingerbread baby that escapes from their oven and leads a crowd on a chase similar to the one in the familiar tale about a not-so-clever gingerbread man.

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Picture Book

Home run : the story of Babe Ruth

Burleigh, Robert

A poetic account of the legendary Babe Ruth as he prepares to hit a home run.

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Picture Book, Holiday, Fiction

Huggly's Christmas

Arnold, Tedd

Huggly and his friends live in the monster world, but sometimes the human world is too hard to resist! Who is that jolly person Huggly meets on Christmas eve. Enjoy in this laugh-out-loud adventure.

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Picture Book, Fiction

Huggly's Pizza

Arnold, Tedd

Huggly and his friends live in the monster world, but when he tries pizza at a "people" party, he wants to get more. Join Huggly on his hilarious pizza-hunt.

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Picture Book, Fiction

Huggly's Trip to the Beach

Arnold, Tedd

Huggly and his friends go looking for a new slime pit, but they discover a beach hotel and the ocean instead. Join Huggly and his friends on their wild 'n wacky trip to the beach!

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Picture Book, Fiction

Leah's Pony

Friedrich, Elizabeth

Leah loves her pony. Together they ride through tall fields of corn and race across green pastures, chasing cattle under summer skies. But now the land is devastated by a terrible drought.

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Picture Book, Fiction

Little Polar Bear Finds a Friend

deBeer, Hans

Lars, the little polar bear, is captured and loaded on a plane for a zoo. Lars and the other caged animals break free. A little brown bear named Bea and a walrus join Lars on his journey home.

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Picture Book, Fiction

Look Out, Patrick!


Patrick the mouse goes for a pleasant walk, oblivious to the many dangers that almost destroy him.

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Easy Reader, Picture Book

Madeline and the Bad Hat

Bemelmans, Ludwig

When the Spanish ambassador moves in next door, Madeline and the rest of the twelve little girls discover that his son is not the best neighbor.

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