Seeing Hands has a number of books that are available that include print, pictures, and Braille all on one page. These books are free of charge for individuals and family members that are blind or low-vision. If interested, please see order button after book listing.

Our Library of Books include:

“So Who’s Dr, Rabbit?”

A Letter to Santa

A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart

A Picture Book of Davy Crockett

A Picture Book of George Washington

A Picture Book of Helen Keller

A Picture Book of Jesse Owens

A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy

A Picture Book of Rosa Parks

A Picture Book of Sacagawea

A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison

Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday

Always Inventing the Story of Thomas Alva Edison

Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower

Amos & Boris

Arnie and the Stolen Markers

Arthur and the True Francine

Arthur’s First Sleepover

Arthur’s Great Big Valentine

Arthur’s Pen Pal

Arthur’s Teacher Trouble

Arthur’s TV Trouble

Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery

Berlioz the Bear

Best Friends for Frances

Bialosky’s Special Picnic

Big Bad Wolf is Good

Big Red Apple

Big Sarah’s Little Boots

Bijou’s Big Adventure

By the Dawn’s Early Light

Bootsie Barkers Bites

Chester – I can read book

Christmas Treat

Christmas Trolls

Clara and the Bookwagon

Clara the Caterpillar

Clifford’s Christmas

Clifford’s Halloween

Come A Tide

Country Angel Christmas

Crazy Times at Dance Class

Crysta Saves the Magic

Danny and the Dinosaur

Disney’s Darkwing Duck in Clean Money

Disney’s Duck Tales -The Hunt for the Giant Pearl

Do Cowboys Ride Bikes?

Dr. Drabble’s Remarkable Underwater Breathing Pills

Dr. Drabble’s Spectacular Shrinker-enlarger

Escape from the Ice

Everest, Reaching for the Sky

Fire! Fire!

Firehouse Sal

First Day, Horray!

Fishy Riddles

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree

Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car

Five Little Monkeys With Nothing To Do

Flip and Flop

Fluffy Meets The Groundhog

Fluffy The Classroom Guinea Pig -Fluffy’s Silly Summer

Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig, Fluffy and the Firefighters

Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig, Fluffy Grows a Garden

Fluffy the Snow Pig

Follow the Zookeeper

Fox Be Nimble

Franklin Fibs

Franklin Helps Out

Franklin Is Lost

Franklin Stays Up

Franklin’s Music Lessons

Franklin’s Thanksgiving

Franklin’s Trading Cards

Frederick (Leo Lionni)


Friendship’s First Thanksgiving

Frog and Toad Together

Froggy Bakes a Cake

Froggy Gets Dressed

Froggy Goes to Bed

Froggy Goes to School

Froggy Goes to the Doctor

Froggy Plays Soccer

Froggy’s Best Christmas

Garfield the Big Star


Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey

Harriet Tubman

Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild!

Harry and the Lady Next Door

Harry’s House

Henry and Mudge in the Family Trees

Henry and Mudge Take the Big Test

Hopscotch, The Tiny Bunny

How Many Days To America A Thanksgiving Story


Huggly Goes To School

Hungry, Hungry Sharks

Hurray for Hattie Rabbit!

Hurry Up Franklin

I Am Snow

I Had a Cat

I Hate My Bow

I Like Me!

I Lost My Tooth!

I Love My Shadow!

I Love Trains!

I Need a Lunch Box

I’m Sorry

Imogene’s Anthlers

In A People House

In Our Country

In The Forest

Ira Says Goodbye

Is That You, Winter?

It Takes Two

It Zwible and the Hunt for the Rain Forest Treasure

It’s Thanksgiving Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day

Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox

Ivy Cottage

Jake and his Cousin Sidney

Johnny Lion’s Bad Day


Just A Bad Day

Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln

Just For You

Just Grandpa and Me

Just Lost!

Just Me and My Puppy

Just Say Please

Kenny and the Little Kickers

King of the Dinosaurs

Kiss Good Night

Little Miss Spider – A Christmas Wish

Little Witch Goes to School

Lucky Star

Lulu Goes to Witch School

Madeline Says Merci The-always-be-polite-book

Madeline’s Rescue

Mike Fink

Minerva Louise

Miss Bindergarten Stays Home

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkeys Are a Lot Like Us

Monster Bugs

Morris Goes to School

Mouse Soup

Mr. Bubble Gum

Mr. Gumpy’s Outing

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash

Mrs. Toggle’s Beautiful Blue Shoe

My Little Sister Ate One Hare

My Merry Christmas

Nessa’s Fish

No more than a Mustard Seed

No Roses for Harry!

Norma Jean, Jumping Bean

Now I Know -Animals at Night

Oink! Moo! How do you do?

On Noah’s Arc

On The Trail With Miss Pace

Once Upon a Springtime

One Dark and Scary Night

One Happy Classroom

One Snowy Day

Outside and Inside Bats

Over the River and Through the Woods

Owl at Home

Paddle, Said the Swan,

Paul Bunyan

Pearls of Wisdom

Pecos Bill

Peter and the Wolf

Pick Me An Apple

Pickles in my Soup

Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia

Playing Right Field

Poetry for Young People

Pointsettia and her Family

Polar Adventures A Chapter Book

Polar Bears

Pound Puppies Lovable, Huggable Problem Puppies

Princesses are Not Quitters!


Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett

Sam Goes to School

Saved by the Bell

Scary, Scary Halloween

Score One for the Sloths


Silly Questions

Silly Sally

Six Crows


Snow Joe

So Sick!

Soccer Game!

Spiders and not insects

Spooky Rhymes and Riddles

Stop That Garbage Truck

Stuart Little

Stuart Little Stuart Sets Sail

Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

Tell Me What It’s Like to Be Big

Terror Below! True Shark Stories

Thank You, Amelia Bedelia

Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks

That Fat Hat

That’s Not Fair

That’s Not Santa!

The 10 Best Things About My Dad

The Animals’ Christmas Eve

The Art Teacher from the Black Lagoon

The Beast Who Couldn’t Say Boo

The Bed Book

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream

The Berenstain Bears and the Bully

The Berenstain Bears and the Double Dare

The Berenstain Bears and the Gree-Eyes Monser

The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room

The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin

The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends

The Berenstain Bears and the Truth

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Teasing

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Vacation

The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings

The Berenstain Bears Get Stage Fright

The Berenstain Bears Get Their Kicks

The Berenstain Bears Go Out for the Team

The Berenstain Bears Go To School

The Berenstain Bears in the Dark

The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers

The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed

The Berenstain Bears on the Job

The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day

The Berenstain Bears’ New Neighbors

The Berenstain Bears’ Report Card Trouble

The Berestain Bears and the Ghost of the Forest

The Best Mistake Ever!

The Best Mud Pie

The Best Teacher in the World

The Big Snow

The Biggest Most Beautiful Christmas Tree

The Bird-o-rama Drama

The Case of the Cat’s Meow

The Christmas Tree that Grew

The Cows Are in the Corn

The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate The Wash

The Day the Dog Said “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo”

The Day the Sheep Showed Up

The Dinosaur Who Lived In My Backyard

The Falling Leaves and the Scarecrow

The Father Who Forgave

The Firefighters’ Counting Book

The First Dog

The Flea’s Sneeze

The Foolish Tortoise

The Friendly Bunny

The Great Gracie Chase Stop That Dog!

The Greedy Python

The Halloween Performance

The Headless Horseman

The High-Rise Private Eyes: The Case of the Missing Monkey

The High-Rise Private Eyes: The Case of the Puzzling Possum

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

The Land Before Time -Friends in Need

The Little Goat

The Little Island

The Little Lamb

The Little Rabbit

The Littles and the Scary Halloween

The Littles and the Secret Letter

The Littles Get Trapped!

The Littlest Leaguer

The Mummy’s Curse

The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost

The Night Before Summer Vacation

The Night Sky

The Nutcracker Ballet

The Other Emily

The Park Bench

The Perfect Pony

The Pledge of Allegiance

The Poky Little Puppy

The Popcorn Shop

The Principal’s New Clothes

The Story of David and Goliath

The Story of Jonah

The Stray Dog

The Sword in the Stone

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

The Tortoise and the Hair

The Train to Lulu’s

The Truck Book

The True Story of Nickel the Baby Buffalo Who Thought He Was a Dog

The Tub People

The Vanishing Pumpkin

The Very Best Home For Me!

The Witch Next Door

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Things That Go Eek On Halloween

Three Ducks Went Wandering

Three Jovial Huntsmen

Three Stories You Can Read to Your Dog


Thunder Cake

Tikki Tikki Tembo


Toot and Puddle – A Present for Toot


Town Mouse Country Mouse

Tut’s Mummy -Lost … and Found

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Two Crazy Pigs

Tyrannosaurus Was A Beast



Wake Up, Sun!

Walt Disney’s Story of the Three Little Pigs

Welcome to the Green House

Whales The Gentle Giants

What a Hungry Puppy!

What Comes in a Shell?

What do you do with a Kangaroo?

What Do You Love?

What Grandmas Do Best and What Grandpas Do Best

What Makes An Ocean Wave?

What Makes Day and Night

What Will Mommy Do When I’m at School?


What’s on my Plate?

When I Was Little

When Jessie Came Across the Sea

When Sophie Gets Andry- Really, Really Angry…

When the Fly Flew In

When Winter Comes

When You Grow Up


Where Does the Garbage Go?

Where is Christmas, Jesse Bear?

Where is the Apple Pie?


Who Beats the Heat?

Who Is the Beast?

Who Lives in the Rainforest?

Who Said Red?

Who Took the Farmer’s Hat?

Who’s Got the Apple?

Who’s Hiding?

Why do some kids have freckles?


Wibble Wobble

Wild, Wild Hair

Winter Wonderland

With You All The Way

Wolves for Kids

Wonders of Rivers

Wonders of the Pond

Young Mark Twain